Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.04.29 AMHello! My name is Amerest Reeder. For those who may already know me, you know I typically discourage the use of the title “Doctor” and encourage smiles and hugs!  In addition to being a chiropractor at Standridge Clinic, I’m a wife, a mom to two wonderful children, and I am currently 7 months pregnant with our third baby 🙂  I wasn’t always a chiropractic patient…in fact, I was raised by a surgeon, and as such, western medicine was abundant in my home.

I had my first chiropractic adjustment at age 19 while attending undergraduate school.  I was majoring in physiological science and planning to attend medical school.  I had a devastating accident to my ankle during a soccer game, which required immobilization for months and resulted in very limited ankle movement. The doctors wanted to operate, but were unable to assure me that I could return to running and playing soccer.  I was 19 (and pretty stubborn) and that answer was not acceptable a to me…this chain of events led to my first chiropractic visit.

My chiropractor adjusted my ankle, among other therapies, and although the experience was somewhat painful, it was successful!  I went back to playing soccer and running and to this day have no side effects from that injury…AND I never had surgery!  Intrigued by this “new to me” non-invasive medical field, I started investigating and shadowing other chiropractic physicians and found that the philosophy of natural, innate, safe healing techniques resonated with me. I applied to chiropractic school at the age of 20, and graduated with my doctorate in chiropractic at age 24.  I was even able to play semi-pro soccer while I was in school….I’m positive my dream wouldn’t have come true without chiropractic care!

I am excited to have joined the wonderful team at Standridge Clinic in Owasso and look forward to seeing more kids and pregnant woman as patients!  If your children are not currently being adjusted, please come see me!

Yours in health,

Amerest Reeder, DC

Dr. Amerest Reeder is a chiropractic physician at Standridge Clinic and certified in acupuncture. Her passion and love is for pediatric and maternity chiropractic care. Over the next few months, she’ll be sharing her unique perspective on being a working (and pregnant) mom, along with her first-hand experience with chiropractic care.