The centerpiece of our clinic is the chiropractic adjustment, the mechanical correction of misaligned vertebra or subluxation, restoring the back to its proper neutral position thus relieving and correcting the subluxation and pinched nerve.

We do not stop there, however. Additionally, we employ the following to provide a more complete, holistic, and alternative approach to getting you well:

  1. Strengthening and rehab of atrophied, weak muscles
  2. Aurricular therapy which is ear accupuncture without the needles and is a terrific tool for treating and correcting most health problems
  3. Pain management injections or shots which have been effective for trigger points and knots in the muscles
  4. DRX9000 lumbar and cervical disc decompression
  5. Floating lumbar decompression which allows any one including post surgical disc fusion patients to get care and relief for their low back pain
  6. Neurocare electrical therapy which is effective in retraining muscles, as well as is effective in connecting peripherial neuropathy and bladder incontinence

All this is what “Well Beyond Chiropractic” means. We start with the adjustment but certainly do not limit ourselves to only that in our quest to provide exceptional care to our patients.