Blood Analysis Testing

Identifying your metabolic data, which are what foods you eat and supplements you take, is empowering and smart. With this information you can modify your diet and vitamin regiment to gain optimal health.

Your blood’s biomarkers are indicators revealing your health status. Biomarkers are measurable and reveal both the positive and negative changes occurring in your body. Each blood test collection of biomarkers, called a panel, reveal to you what is happening inside your body and what changes you must make to improve your health.

When you are adjusted, you feel better because the “pinched nerve” is released and stimulates both positive hormonal change, as well as increased neurotransmitter activity. Chiropractic adjusting of the subluxated vertebrae (misalignment) and proper blood chemistry balance can dramatically improve your health.

Your blood regenerates every 120 days. A blood panel sample draw is recommended every 4 months. With use of that information, you’ll be well on your way to a much healthier body and life. Chronic inflammation is the number one reason people live on anti-inflammatory and pain medication. Cleaning up and balancing your blood panel helps you avoid that. Remember you don’t hurt and ache because God forgot to put Tylenol in you. Rather, you must clean up your internal environment!

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